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How you can benefit from THINKIES®

THINKIES® helps you to live more efficiently. You divide your tasks into categories that constitute your life. This might be Health, Family and Job, for example.

THINKIES® helps finding a balance between your duties and your well-being.

It is about avoiding a one-sided and heteronomous lifestyle. Decide what is important for yourself and your surroundings. Even large goals and resolutions can be achieved easily like this - you break them into smaller parts and integrate them into your daily life.

What you can achieve with THINKIES®

  • Reduce your stress and become more efficient with the clear overview of your unfinished tasks and events.
  • You avoid an imbalanced (e.g. only business-based) approach when completing your daily tasks and events.
  • You can share your own Thinkies with like-minded people and you can profit from the experiences of others.
  • You achieve work life balance through the inclusion of all your life-relevant categories.

What is THINKIES®?

THINKIES® guides you through the „traffic“ of your daily life, similar to the satnav in your car. It helps you to keep track of your life and it leads to a structured approach without taking the wheel. THINKIES® is your guide, but you still have to drive yourself.
Thinkies are virtual post-its that you can use to note and prioritize your thoughts and tasks. Assigned to your important life-categories (e.g. me/health, friends and family as well as business) you prioritize and execute them.
Thinkies are waypoints on your daily journey between work, family, pleasure and your health.

How it works

Three cornerstones for a successful, stress reduced daily life.


Take five minutes in the morning to plan your day. Think about what is really important for this day and add it to THINKIES® with a virtual post-it note.


Think about which of your Thinkies are especially important for today and determine which significance they have in their respective category.


If you executed your Thinkies mark them as completed. If you could not manage it today move it to tomorrow. Every completed tasks brings you nearer to your goals.

This makes THINKIES® special

Why THINKIES® will be your morst important navigator through your daily life

Visual Structure

Clear overview and visual organization instead of endless lists.

Location based tasks

As soon as you arrive at prior set locations THINKIES® reminds you to for example get your shirts from the dry-cleaner’s.

Share Thinkies via E-Mail

Share your best Thinkies, good habits, ideas or shopping lists with others.

Recurring Tasks

THINKIES® helps to complete recurring Events: Bringing your kids to their playgroup every Saturday at 11, for example.

Repeat Task until completed

Repeat specific Thinkies every day until you manage to complete them.

Drag & Drop feature

Easily sort and prioritize your task via drag & drop.


An overview of THINKIES®.

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